Hey, I'm Philip! I'm a user experience researcher with strengths in distilling complex ideas into simple, actionable insights that inspire design.

  • In college, I studied neuroscience, a field that indulged my curiosity about the brain and the way chemicals interact with each other based on internal and external factors in the environment. Eventually, however, my interest turned to technology as the next great space for interaction.
  • User experiences are the culmination of this pursuit, and for those who wish to shape the future, there’s no better place to get started. For some this can be a daunting predicament, but for the inspired, curious and creative it’s an opportunity to build something truly special.

I invite you to pick a selected work below and hear the story I'd like to share with you about it. Questions, comments, & critique are encouraged. 

// selected work

Usability tests + Interviews + Quantitative research

Measuring the success of UX design 

What will demonstrate an improvement to our product, Virtual Private Cloud?

/( ̄_ ̄)\ coming soon

ResearchOps + Democratizing research

Establishing Research Operations

How might we better support our 6 teams of 18 designers for over 30 cloud infrastructure products?

/( ̄_ ̄)\ coming soon

What it's like to work with me

Actively orienting the team around his contributions

Philip has been intrinsic to our success as a team. He is also one of the fastest, most agile, and overall one of the most I-know-the-output-will-be-quality ("reliable" didn't fully articulate it) people I've ever worked with (research or otherwise). I'm actively orienting the team around his contributions. His work has been so undeniably strong that we would be foolish not to rally around it.  I want the execs to be singing from his hymnal.

Senior Design Manager for IBM Cloud Infrastructure

Extremely Likely to recommend Philip to a friend or colleague for any user research needs (NPS score = 10)

Overall, Philip is one of the best researchers I know. He's an expert in all things user research related, is always looking to improve research processes (e.g. his awesome Guided Self Service research process for UX designers), and has a great sense of humor. I'd be Extremely Likely to recommend Philip to a friend or colleague for any user research needs (NPS score = 10). 

UX Designer for IBM Cloud Infrastructure

Quality of insights make it feel like an industry white paper that firms could charge good $ for

I asked each of our research managers to share an exemplar piece of work from their team with the rest of my management team and Brian chose Philip's recent generative study on understanding what virtual server users in highly regulated industries need. I read through the playback and it’s phenomenal. Kudos to Philip and Brian for an outstanding piece of work. The quality of Philip's insights and presentation of them make it feel like an industry white paper that firms could charge good $ for. Very impressive!

Head of User Research for IBM Cloud, Data, & AI

Demonstrated time and stakeholder management skills

It's tough being in such a complicated part of the portfolio with far less help and support than he deserves. Yet he rose to the occasion and demonstrated the time and stakeholder management skills that helped him be successful!

Research Manager for IBM Public Cloud 

Always on it

Philip is always "on it." He has a calm demeanor, but is always working on getting our team what we need. I am also impressed by how much domain knowledge he has internalized during his time on our team. His research work with our immediate team has been incredibly helpful for our team to improve our product.

Lead Designer for Virtual Private Cloud

Reliable and diligent

Philip is a reliable and diligent research partner. Any time I have an ask for him, if he doesn’t have the answer on hand, he always follows up once he does. His follow thru, attention to detail, and easy going demeanor make him a pleasure to work with. Thanks for all the great work you’ve been doing on Bare Metal and VPC!

Lead Designer for Bare metal servers 

Market-leading design work

The Selectric Award is given to the person who has best demonstrated market-leading design work. Philip is delivering that for the cloud infrastructure team. His impressive outreach has positioned IaaS to make better decisions based on a foundation of user insights. Great job!

Design Director for IBM Public Cloud 

One of the most creative people I've met

I had the pleasure of having Philip as a summer intern, and I can say Philip is one of the most creative people I've met. He was a reliable member of the team, supporting other team members as well as putting his energy and passion towards a summer project involving creative VR storytelling on WebVR/AFrame, as well as interactive 360 videos. I look forward to Philip's successful studies and career.

Director of Content & Services at Samsung Research America, XR and Computer Vision Lab

Did such an amazing research plan

Philip did such an amazing research plan for the DL experience. T'was the one of the most creative and effective studies I’ve ever seen.

Design Strategist for IBM Cloud Infrastructure

Consistently produced quality research output

Philip consistently produced quality research output month after month, at a velocity that exceeded my expectations. Philip was in a challenging situation as the only IaaS researcher for several months, but he expertly balanced demands from multiple stakeholders, and pushed tasks back to the Designers as necessary to enable him to keep his output up. Philip's work throughout the year has led to meaningful changes to IaaS products. Excellent job!

Research Manager for IBM Public Cloud 

Zealously represented the user

Philip has zealously represented the user, while also pursuing user access through a variety of channels. As our [product] business began to decline, Philip put in substantial effort to reach out to and talk to former [product] customers to understand what drove their churn, leading to significant improvements in the product.

Research Manager for IBM Public Cloud 

Exceeds in business results

Philip should be proud to earn an exceeds in business results in his first year. This is the most important dimension for everyone in the company and it's rare to have such strong results so quickly. I am impressed with his relentless pace. That tells me that his research objectives were appropriate scoped and sponsored to meet sprint cadences and product development. Way to go!

Head of User Research for IBM Cloud, Data, & AI

Shown what a really strong research process looks like

Thank you Philip for all of your efforts to get infrastructure and our databases project the information it needs to make the correct decisions. You have shown what a really strong research process looks like and that is something that IBM Design sorely needs. Without you and your efforts, Infrastructure as a whole will waste time working on the wrong things and making things that don't work as well as they could. It has been great to get to know you and to work with you. Thank you for everything.

Lead Designer for Cloud Databases 

Adjusted approach when presented with new challenges

Philip has demonstrated a strong Research foundation and employed a variety of methodologies as necessary. He's quickly adopted best practices shared by others on the team, and has adjusted his approach to use different approaches when presented with new challenges.

Research Manager for IBM Public Cloud 

Never seen a research team be this effective

Philip was the first of our three new researchers that joined. A longstanding issue with enterprise design is that we can’t find users to talk to. Philip joined and I started to notice, hey, why is that design squad in that room? They’re talking to a user!? All of a sudden my whole team is talking to users now because of his guerrilla recruiting and hunger to go out and find these users to talk to. Since Philip joined I’ve never seen a research team work this well or be this effective. I've seen our research program quadruple just by him joining alone. I’m loving the research we’re all doing right now. 

Design Manager for IBM Cloud Infrastructure

Found creative ways to implement a variety of methodologies

Philip has found creative ways to implement a variety of methodologies when dealing with challenging, complex products. Most creatively, Philip created a usability test for an offering provisioning process that effectively has no UI.

Research Manager for IBM Public Cloud 

Some superlatives that describe me as nominated by fellow teammates for our team holiday party:

  • Most Confusing Doppleganger (I had a few lookalikes...)
  • Research Bounty Hunter - he always finds users to test with
  • Busiest Beagle Award
  • sneak humorist
  • Philip's one of the best go-to people for research help. Offered valuable insight with Amplitude among other things. (bless him he didn't really get the whole superlative concept 🙂 )
  • Kickass-Introvert-at-Work Role Model Award; Most Mysterious Award
  • Most Mysterious
  • Most mysterious (hmm...)
  • FBI (Facilitator of Business Investigation) bc he be investigating our users
  • Bestest researcher
  • Most likely to have already done that thing you asked about (* ended up being the winner)
  • Total workhorse!
  • Big brain award

Met expectations of multiple design squads

Philip spent several months as the only coverage on IaaS and did an excellent job meeting the expectations of multiple design squads. He still found time to help other Researchers and contribute to team efforts.

Research Manager for IBM Public Cloud 

// other work

Master's thesis

Envisioning a Cryptoinfused World: Human Challenges in Designing for Blockchain

Can we frame the end-user experience of using blockchain technologies from feelings of intimidation and vulnerability towards being a fun, simple, and delightful experience?

Immersive Experiences

WebVR Experiments

Internship project exploring whether WebVR could be a fitting step to explore a new generation of interaction for Samsung Research America

Storytelling in a 360° Space

Research paper on how VR's innate transcendency is redesigning storytelling not on a stage, or words on a page, or behind a glass screen, but totally immersed within screen.


Animations, Light, & Sound

Videos showing the results of designing and constructing immersive narrative-driven virtual spaces within Unity3D and Blender.

Perceptual Experiments

Perception research lab studies in University of California, Santa Cruz on various visual perceptual phenomenon including orientation effects, depth perception, and immersion.


Danger zone: Even older work

I'm happy to connect. Feel free to reach out! I definitely don’t know everything, but I’d love to share what was shared with me.