Here is a list of top things I've been learning during the quarantine: 

  1. Keeping in shape with this lack of gym by trying out the Athlean-X strength and burpees home workout alongside the bodyweight fitness app. 
  2. Reading The Andromeda Strain unironically 
  3. Reading The Expanse: Cibola Burn
  4. Connecting with friends across the world with Zoom calls and Steam games (Jackbox ftw)

Cheers to learning new things, to constantly evolving, and striving for improvement.

As I catalogue my projects, it occurs to me that I haven't yet turned the microscope on the project with which I am most intimately familiar: myself. If I'm publishing a public website, I should perhaps touch on the subject: Who am I?.So hey, from neuroscience to tech, I’ve pursued design in a way that looks unconventional on paper, but giving me a uniquely broad and indispensable skillset. I'm a graduate of Indiana University, Bloomington acquiring a master's degree in human-computer interaction / design. I’m in love with experimentation and have a passion to communicate design through immersive technologies such as virtual reality or augmented reality. There is nothing more exciting than creating an experience for a new medium by exploring uncharted territory with unknown possibilities to make real our fantasies and musings on what the future may hold. 


Still wanna know more? Well OK

In his spare time Philip enjoys writing biographical blurbs about himself in the third person. He has gathered a travelogue of experiences having worked within the Los Angeles areas of Santa Monica & Venice and receiving an education from Zürich International School in Switzerland. He successfully pursued a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science from University of California, Santa Cruz. He was inspired to learn how people think by focusing on neuroscience and then sought to explore interactions between people by exploring the boundaries of philosophy & neuroscience developing an interest for technology's role in that. This landed him in the cognitive science program with an emphasis on human-computer interaction.

His science background has been a critical part of his academic life with the desire to persevere articulated by Goethe rather nicely:

"Science has as its highest goal the arousal of the feeling of wonder through contemplative looking." 

Science aims to accumulate knowledge of the natural world: structures, laws, and processes. It involves a rigorous training of our abilities of observation and thinking. But the primary thing this kind of knowledge gives us is a description, or explanation, of already existing things. Paraphrasing from The Design Way by Stolterman & Nelson: Design will always be about creating something that does not yet exist. It is not about finding something already in existence. Science cannot provide insight into what should be brought into existence. Therefore, he chose to apply his background to cultivate his ability combining intention, imagination, and innovation, guided by his judgment, to transform the abstractness of relevant scientific knowledge and other forms of knowledge into final unique designs.

He enjoy's the immersion of being in an initial intentionally not-knowing state. It reminds him very much of the Taoist “empty mind” or the Buddhist “new mind.” It is the quality of mind that is present during play, when it is important to be completely open to what is emergent in the moment, rather than being preoccupied with past experience, or anticipating a future event.

I'm happy to connect. Feel free to reach out! I definitely don’t know everything, but I’d love to share what was shared with me.