Processing Sketches

From Fall 2013, Introduction to Programming in Java taught by Charlie McDowell at University of California, Santa Cruz.


What I Learned 

  • Give it a Shot: To dive into a programming language like Java that is used in developing Android apps, and popular in back-end web development, meant learning from scatch something I had never experienced before. Though I didn't have a career trajectory in mind when I signed up, it turned out to give me a solid foundation for the perspective of the computer science field and software engineers and I had a lot of fun with it. 


I also learned how to...

  • Translate creative ideas into designing Java program code.
  • Organize and document this program code. For instance, through writing pseudo-code.
  • Test and debug Java programs, making use of variables, expressions, selection and looping statements. 
  • Assemble data and methods/functions into classes at an introductory level.
  • Make use of arrays to store and process lists of data.
  • Read, interpret, analyze, and explain introductory Java programs.
  • After making use of Processing to compose programming code, used its compilers to produce executable software.



crazy space battle royale


Get back the Continuum Transfunctioner; a device whose mystery is only exceeded by its power! A long time ago in the Baba Ganoosh galaxy; onboard the Bryzgalov, you have had your galaxy-dominating plans foiled for the last time by Dan Solo who has stolen the Continuum Transfunctioner and also damaged your warp drive, so now you are phasing in and out of hyperspace due to a dimensional rift created as a result! Classic warp drive logic. Chase him down before he tosses the precious Continuum Transfunctioner into the burning fires of Planet Doom! Reclaim your right as the ruler of the galaxy!


    • PRESS the mouse button to shoot your laser at him while traversing the dimensional rift!
    • CLICK on the cockpit to toggle engaging rocket boosters.
    • HOLD the mouse down to activate the Flux Capacitor and temporarily reach legendary Emerald Space.
    • MOVE the mouse slowly around the Bryzgalov to see the consequential effects of the dimensional rift!


    Reviews by classmates:

    • "very good" 
    • "creative idea that exceeds requirements. great job" 
    • "Uhh... wow." 
    • "I don't know who you are but you are BRILLIANT. This is awesome." 
    • "This is insane. 11/10" 



    Jules from Pulp Fiction head animation. Jules can do quite a few things.


    • Shifty mode: Pressing LEFT or RIGHT will make Jules enter shifty state and begin looking from the direction you pressed and then to the other side.
    • Angry mode: Pressing the MOUSE button will make Jules angry and he will yell at you. Holding down the MOUSE will animate the mouth in this mode.
    • Serious mode: Press any key to return making Jules serious again. But wait there are combinations you can do!
    • Angry Eyes: Entering shifty mode and then pressing the mouse will make Jules angry AND suspicious.



    I made a Valentine's Day gram program! It asks "Will you be my Valentine?" and you can press "yes" or "no". Depending on what your answer, you'll see a different screen with a surprise! If you press anywhere that is not in the "yes" or "no" box, it will set back to first screen with the heart and the question.


    Ender's Game Simulation


    You play as the American spy, our only hope, and have to get out of this trap set by those damn ruski's.
    Commie lasers that hit you will decrease your All-American high score.
    If if your score reaches 0 then you will be thrown into Putin's bear chamber and eaten by Svetlana. Along with all the hope of America.

    PRESS the mouse in the direction you want to fly at the speed of approx 1.21 gigaWatts.

    • If you hit a rock or the edge you will grab onto it like bacon. American bacon.
    • If you hit an enemy station you will instinctively get out of there as though you just heard the Russian National Anthem being played.
    • If you reach the American embassy at the top you will WIN (and have to give US an A on this assignment).
    • If you really need help then you can use your *ahem* completely intentional rock burrowing abilities.